Lower Price to Reserve Your Spot!


We recently ran a poll over our Instagram to get an idea of what the reasons that restrict people from traveling. With busy schedules, budgets, asking for time off from work, etc it gets tricky. It’s easy to forget that the truth is…travel is a luxury! So we might not all have the same opportunity as others to travel.

We were not surprised when we saw the main reason was cost at 78%. This got us thinking we need to rethink our pricing schedule. We decided to lower the reservation price to $550 instead of $1000. This way it makes it easier to pay over time. The second payment of $550 is collected a month later. The final balance is due 45 days out before a trip. This gives you more time to plan and budget into your normal spending. We’d also like to thank you at this time for understanding our price includes a very personal service you would not normally receive traveling on your own or relying on random lists found on Pinterest or Yelp. Plus, we work with a local on-the-ground team that work their ass off to help make our trips amazing. We pride ourselves on paying them a wage that is a reflection of their dedication and hard work.


Timing was the second biggest reason. With everyones (including our own) crazy schedules, we totally get it. Our dates don’t work for everyone. Our solution? Simple… we’ll plan you the private trip of your dreams at your dates and at your budget! That being said though…let’s all make more time for travel. Whether it’s with us or on your own anywhere, even a simple weekend getaway will soothe your soul. We need to step back and refresh. Americans are known to be terrible at remembering to pump the breaks and give ourselves a break!


Last but not least, we thought maybe your friends might not be into traveling. Good news is this was NOT the case. So yay for having rad and fun friends ready for a travel adventure!