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Why should I travel with Coast to Costa?

Planning is either a bore or a chore. When you travel with Coast to Costa, you get to relax in the passenger seat, free to do little else but experience, learn, and enjoy. Basically, the expectations for you are set suuuuuuper low. Who doesn’t love that? Your flights, transportation and accommodations are all arranged for you. We provide you with optional daily activities, guides and a personal translator! It takes all the stress out of travel. You just show up, and let us do the rest!

Is travel to Cuba still legal?

Heck yes it is! According to the Department of Treasury, you are still allowed to travel to Cuba with American tour operators (us) with proper licensing (also us) under the "support for the Cuban people" license. Since we only work with local, small travel providers directly and NEVER government owned business, we meet the requirements for legal Cuban travel. PLUS, we’re paying these entrepreneurs directly for the amazing experiences that they provide. It's a WIN, WIN! We are very happy to keep providing legal, culturally immersive trips to the Cuba! Try and stop us!! For more FAQs specifically on Cuba go HERE.

Are people at all "anti- American"?

Not at all! We find that people around the world are basically the same. People will meet kindness with kindness. Greet someone with a smile and a simple “hola” and they are likely to respond with, well, an “HOLA”. We are professionals at bringing people out of their counties and comfort zones into new, unfamiliar places. It’s on the traveler to be cool and we’ve never had any problems, at all! They are happy to interact with Americans, so be a good ambassador!

Is travel dangerous?

Staying home can be dangerous! Our trips are very safe. We have local guides and hosts to keep us frequenting the places that we should go and keeping us out of any harms way. We’ve been to these places so many times we always know our way around. Often there are people that will approach you to sell you something or “guide” you to earn some extra money. Not interested? Just a friendly "no thank you" works just fine. 

What makes Coast to Costa "experts" on travel??

What makes us experts on the island is that we have organized over 200 trips in the last seven years and we have gathered an AMAZING team of  local, professional guides, drivers, translators, tobacco rollers, chefs etc. to ensure that we will make your experience the MOST authentic, local experience you can get. Also, I and everyone on our team speaks fluent Spanish, so we can explain all the hard to understand aspects of visiting the country! You want to make sure you’re traveling with the best of the best, and that you’re interacting with the locals.  We know the secret recipe, and we tweak and refine it every time we visit – to give you an experience that is eye-opening and lotsa fun, but also safe and smooth. You want to make sure you’re going with someone who knows how to navigate this colorful, but sometimes tricky destination.

Are the groups singles, couples, strangers?? Why should I travel with people I don’t know in a group?

We believe in that special, intangible, invigorating element created by traveling with a mixed group of people. Our groups are always made up of a mix of couples, singles AND strangers. We build a community and new friends every time we go on one of our trips. Remember all those friends you tearfully hugged goodbye at the end of camp while your parents sat in the car with the engine running, swatting away flies impatiently while you promised to K.I.T.? Yeah, it’ll be like that. But this time, you will K.I.T.

Do you offer private tours?

We sure do!! Can't get the dates of our group trips off from work? Have a group you want to travel with on your own? Want to pick different activities than we do on our trip? Do you want to go with you and your honey and just make out the whole time and not gross a group out?? We LOVE to put together private trips of any of our itineraries. Our team of experts will show you an experience that you won't forget, we can do it on your schedule and we can fit all travel budgets! Contact us for rates and further information.


What’s the deal with breakfast?

EXCELLENT question. It’s included, every single day in our B&Bs. Way to make breakfast questions a priority, FAQ dude! Respect.



How are your prices so low?

The travel agency that we work under is HUGE. Because they are very reputable, Coast to Costa is able to get very cheap airfare and transportation for all their travelers.


But can’t I just find cheaper prices online
and go on my own?

Coast to Costa founder, Andrew has been a licensed travel agent for 7+ years and is able to use his contacts to get a cheaper rate on everything from flights to accommodation to transportation to food. He has many collaborators that he calls family, so the pricing is adjusted for the Coast to Costa crew. #takesavillage

Traveling is tough when you have to deal with haggling for tickets and flipping through a translation book in the midst of snapping photos. And when traveling is easy, traveling is best (if you don’t trust me, go watch Brokedown Palace).


Will there be puppies?

Yes, we usually manage to find a litter of puppies to play with wherever we go.


Do you accept credit cards?

Duh. Coast to Costa takes ALL credit cards, checks and PayPal. 


Do you offer travel insurance?

Of course! We offer very affordable travel insurance packages to ensure that you are covered and safe. We’ve partnered with Wanderwell travel insurance for all your travel insurance needs. A portion of the cost is donated to charity.

Will we wake up in a house with a pool overlooking the top of a RAIN FOREST?

Yep. Pics or it didn’t happen. Tulum 2018.


How many tours has Coast to Costa already done?

We've already organized over 200 group and private tours! We’re on FIRE!


I've never been on a group tour before. What do I need to do to prepare?

No sweat! Dig your passport out of your underwear drawer and you're pretty good to go. Oh, yeah, you might wanna throw in some swimsuits, sunscreen, and pants with a drawstring to fit as many tacos as humanly possible. Other than that, we'll be sending any other pertinent info you need during the registration process. The point is that we do all the work for you, so you really don't have to prepare anything at all. Just keep ticking the days off your calendar 'til takeoff.


What if I don't speak the language?

The superpower of Coast to Costa is that the Coast to Costa crew speaks Spanish fluently and is always around, thus ensuring you won't ever be stranded without a translator. For the times when you go adventure on your own away from the group, we'll be gifting you with a handy-dandy language guide before you arrive at your destination. Oh, say, can you si?


I heard you offer tours of downtown Los Angeles, too. Truth?

Truth! RAUMP is my company offering selected downtown LA walking tours (downtown and its surrounding ‘hoods of Echo Park, Little Tokyo, Chinatown, Los Feliz). These walking tours are for groups of around 10-15 people and starting at $75 per person, which includes two stops for food and two stops for drinks. Contact us if you’re interested!


All deposits are non-refundable but can be used towards a future trip. Trips are 50% refundable 45 days or more before departure. Cancelations within 45 days of departure are non-refundable.