Travel time!

This is not your Mami y Papi’s travel service.

Coast to Costa picks you up on a magic carpet* and takes you on a journey that can only be described as a full-on delicious assault of senses authentic to each destination, be it Cuba, Peru, Mexico or Spain.

It’s summer camp, if summer camp had offered snorkeling through cenotes, a dance party in a cave, and tequila in lieu of Hi-C.  

Coast to Costa ensures: a ridiculously enjoyable time, a guide whose native tongue is Spanish, zero mandatory naps (only optional ones), zero mandatory anything, no bugs*, and above all, living like a true local for as long as you’re on the Coast to Costa carpet ride.

¡Hasta pronto!
Founder of Coast to Costa

*Not guaranteed


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But seriously, our trips are fun.


Coast to Costa will change you. It will break your routine and shatter your perceptions of travel. It will push you far outside your comfort zone, force to you to befriend strangers, and encourage you to reassess your daily priorities.
Drea, Editor of Elsewhere, Sayulita
Andrew is the best person to travel with. He’s hilarious AND always on the hunt for ways to truly experience the city. By the end of Sayulita, we were having drinks with the restaurant owners, watching sunsets with our surf instructors, and hugging our trip-mates that we met just a few days before.
— Puno, Madewithmap and ilovecreatives, Sayulita & Baja
I’ve traveled with Coast to Costa 3 times. Twice to Cuba and once to Peru. Each trip was beautiful, full of unique experiences and great people. They make solo travel easy and safe. I never have to worry about planning what to do, where to eat or do any research beforehand. They come up with well crafted local adventures, from riding a horse through a tobacco farm in Cuba or hiking with Shaman through the Peruvian countryside. The houses we stay in are clean, beautiful and run by locals. The local guides are knowledgeable about local history/architecture and are very welcoming and friendly. Andrew and Nat who run Coast to Costa are the nicest people, professional and a good time.
— Yanira, Cuba & Peru
All my expectations of a group trip were surpassed... and then some! Andrew, together with local guide Fernando, organized a spectacular itinerary which at no point felt rushed. As a photographer, I truly appreciated having that free time to take shots while we were exploring around. Each stop we made was given more than ample time to take it all in. I couldn’t stop looking forward to the next day from riding a boat in the Palomino Islands in Lima to cruising through Sacred Valley to setting foot in Machu Picchu to even diving into a challenging hike up Huayna Picchu to the icing on the cake of a spiritual walk with local Shamans (and I can go on & on!) Not only were the activities top notch, but Fernando was so knowledgable and passionate of his country’s roots that I can honestly say I haven’t had a better guide!
— Juan, Peru

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