Top Ten Awe Inspiring Must-Dos in Peru


We all know that Peru is a beautiful destination. We’ve seen it on Instagram, but I can assure you, it’s NOTHING compared to how it feels to see it in real life. If you visit Peru, prepare to be literally awe inspired!!

1. Machu Picchu- DUH! This Wonder of the World is on everyone’s bucket list and for good reason. Seeing this amazing, literal, city in the clouds after a long day of hiking will make you feel like you’ve just been visited by the Incan gods. Tickets have been limited, so it’s best to know a guide who can secure your entrances.

Photo by Gal Meets Glam

Photo by Gal Meets Glam

2. Textile farms of Chinchero- you can learn the ancient tradition of natural wool collecting, coloring and weaving at these beautiful, rustic farms. To see how the people still live and work in the ancient traditions is totally amazing. Also, added bonus, they let you pet and play with the young llamas and alpacas...cuteness overload!

3. The craft markets of Pisac- Home of handmade textiles, crafts, pottery, blankets, antiques, food and basically anything cute and souvenir worthy, these markets have been the center of trade since the early Inca empire.  You could spend hours (or DAYS) wandering the beautiful labyrinths of stalls. There are also centuries-old communal ovens if you need to stop and get a snack.

4. Mercado de San Pedro- designed by Gustav Eiffel, of Eiffel Tower fame, this market has been open since 1924. You can wander the lunch, craft and food stalls for hours. It’s the main hub for food shopping in Cusco and you can get amazing meals for very cheap. Our favorite is the chicken soup that is served for breakfast. Get one and thank us later!

Photo on our trip with DesignLoveFest

Photo on our trip with DesignLoveFest

5. Plaza Mayor of Lima- The birthplace of the city of Lima, as well as the core of the city to this day. Designed by the Spanish in 1535, it stands as a testament to the great wealth and power of the Spanish empire. It stands today as one of the most jaw droppingly beautiful main squares of the entire “New World”.

6. Pachamanca meals- imagine you’re on an organic farm in the Sacred Valley. The Andes mountains are jutting up on both sides of you and there is an incredible view. You’re greeted by super friendly people who are preparing your burying it in the ground to cook and steam on red hot rocks. This 3,000 year old method of cooking makes for an unforgettable meal!

7. Salt Pools of Maras- driving up the Andes from the Sacred Valley, you’ll find yourself winding on a beautiful, curvy road with amazing views...and some crazy cliff drops. Once you arrive to the Salt Pools of Maras, it’s like you parked on Mars. Each family in the town has their own salt pool where they collect salt that comes directly out of the mountain. They use the salt for their homes and to sell to people in other towns or tourists. We come for the views but stay for the salted chocolates!


8. Palomino Islands- about an hour boat ride out of Lima, there are a chain of small islands called the Palominos. They are protected lands for seals, sea lions and a huge variety of birds that you can check out. Some of which are endangered but with protection efforts, are beginning to repopulate.

9. Nazca Lines- only visible from the sky, the Nazca lines are a series of lines, geometric shapes and over 70 depictions of animals. No one is sure as to how the were formed or why. The mysteries of Peru might never be uncovered.

10. Humantay Lake- after a beautiful hike through the Andes mountains, Humantay Lake looks as though it’s a mirage in the midst of beautiful mountains. The bluest water we’ve ever seen against the greenest of greenery make it a gorgeous destination and well worth the hike!

These are just a few of our favorites and if you would like to explore some of these with us, we got you covered! Learn more about our trips to Peru at Have any questions? We’d really love to chat so shoot us an email or give us a ring.