Coast to Costa will change you. It will break your routine and shatter your perceptions of travel. It will push you far outside your comfort zone, force to you to befriend strangers, and encourage you to reassess your daily priorities.
Drea, Editor of Elsewhere, Sayulita
Andrew is the best person to travel with. He’s hilarious AND always on the hunt for ways to truly experience the city. By the end of Sayulita, we were having drinks with the restaurant owners, watching sunsets with our surf instructors, and hugging our trip-mates that we met just a few days before.
— Puno, Madewithmap and ilovecreatives, Sayulita & Baja
My trip to Barcelona was seriously the best ever. I had been to Barcelona before, but Coast to Costa takes you through a journey of curated experiences that made me see Barcelona in a different way.
— Coast to Costa Barcelona
I usually like to plan my own travel, but for Cuba we decided that going with an experienced guide was the best option. Andrew and his team are fantastic β€”- so fun and knowledgeable β€”- we had the most incredible trip.
— Coast to Costa Cuba

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