Is travel to Cuba still legal?

Heck yes it is! According to the Department of Treasury, you are still allowed to travel to Cuba with American tour operators (us) with proper licensing (also us) on group educational tours. We pepper in the required educational aspects of the tour, a walking tour of Old Havana, a horse ride through a tobacco plantation with rolling lessons and meetings with local artists. We like to keep it smart AND super entertaining! We are very happy to keep providing legal, culturally immersive trips to the island! Try and stop us!!

What makes Coast to Costa "experts" on Cuba??

What makes us experts on the island is that we have organized over 24 trips in the last two years and we have gathered an AMAZING team of  local, professional guides, drivers, translators, tobacco rollers, mojito makers etc. to ensure that we will make your experience in Cuba the MOST authentic, local experience you can get. Also, I and everyone on our team speaks fluent Spanish, so we can explain all the hard to understand aspects of visiting the country! You want to make sure you’re traveling with the best of the best, and that you’re interacting with the locals.  We know the secret recipe, and we tweak and refine it every time we visit – to give you an experience that is eye-opening and lotsa fun, but also safe and smooth. You want to make sure you’re going with someone who knows how to navigate this colorful, but sometimes tricky destination.

Is the country changing? Should I go now?  

Yes and YES! While we DO believe that the change happening in Cuba is very necessary and important for the local people, the fact is it is changing very rapidly and the time to go is now! It's an incredible time in Cuban history.

So, Havana, right?

Other trips take you to Havana. Only. But there’s much more to Cuba than just Havana – and we want you to experience it. We will spend time traveling the east side of the island, with stops in the colonial town of Trinidad, a private lunch and swimming on the Bay of Pigs, the French town of Cienfuegos, the beautiful tobacco region of Viñales and all the oxcart countryside you can imagine!

Are Visas and airfare included?

Even though travel restrictions to Cuba are being lifted, it’s still not a place you can visit on the fly. You need a bunch of  proper documentation – and we provide it all for you (fine print: you need a Visa, a reason for travel, an OFAC number, Cuba travel insurance…bored yet?). Don’t worry about it – we’ve got you covered. And airfare is included in all our pricing, which makes things even that much more simple.

Are Cuban people at all "anti- American"?

Quite the opposite! They are very happy to meet and try to speak English with all of
us Americans. They are friendly, outgoing, kind and warm. They feel like the embargo and any bad feelings will be left between our governments and is something that has nothing to do with the people!
They are happy to interact with us so be a good ambassador!

Is it dangerous?

Violent crime in Cuba is almost non-existent. The people are friendly and chatty and will come up to you, but they have no intention of harming you. There is a lot of, "let me show you around for a dollar". Just a friendly "no thank you" works just fine. 

Now that we're on the same page...