Part I | Why Coast to Costa?


These Are Not Your Parents’ Tour Guides

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Written by Tyler Anneliese Moselle

Natalie and Andrew Tyree are on a mission. The dynamic couple delivers personalized travel experiences from a local’s-eye-view, with an emphasis on taking deep dives into regional cuisine. When Natalie and Andrew started Coast to Costa in 2012, travel had long been a part of their lives. Andrew has now led over 15 trips to Cuba, 5 Spain adventures, and countless experiences throughout Mexico’s coastal hideaways, wine regions, and culturally rich pueblos mágicos.

What got Coast to Costa started? Here’s the story behind the “live like a local” life:

Natalie: Where did you grow up?
Andrew: I grew up near L.A. but moved to Northern California and Spain for years before coming back.

 Andrew: Before we knew each other, what cultures most impacted you growing up?

Natalie: Mexican ...definitely!  Both of my parents were born and raised in Mexico. They came here when they were young. I grew up in areas of Los Angeles that are heavily Latino, so it is what I identify with and something that has completely impacted my life.
Andrew: I have to have the same answer ...only my family isn’t Mexican. I have just always been very drawn to Mexican culture, people and the Spanish language.  

Photo by Nicholas Roberts

Photo by Nicholas Roberts

Photo by Sue Zen Chew

Photo by Sue Zen Chew

Natalie: When did you know you wanted to show people the world?
Andrew: I lived in Spain for almost four years and Italy for a year. When I was younger I hadn’t traveled very much and I feel that travel COMPLETELY changed my life. It made me a more open, brave, and curious person. If I can pass that on to people, that is very fulfilling for me.

Andrew: When did you know you wanted to work with me?
Natalie: When we both realized that we have very complementary strengths that has helped propel Coast to Costa to the next level.

Andrew: I came up with the idea almost five years ago and we have been working on it together ever since!

 Andrew: How long have you been doing what you do?
Natalie: I spent 10 years in the fashion industry and two years in travel.
Andrew: I’ve worked in food and restaurants FOREVER! I’ve been on and off for about 8 years and have been in travel for five.


Photo by Nicholas Roberts

Photo by Nicholas Roberts

Andrew: What matters most when you’re traveling in a new place?

Natalie: Thinking outside of your bubble, seeing the world through someone else’s eyes and taking it all in to the fullest.
Andrew: I’d say taking a place for what it is, allowing places to move and feel differently. Enjoying a place for its true form is very helpful in traveling.

Natalie: What makes for a great group to travel with?
Andrew: I love when people will have an afternoon drink and can laugh with each other.

Natalie: When people are easy going, open minded, and hungry for culture.  

Andrew: When it comes to food, what do you seek out?
Natalie: Everything! You?
Andrew: All of it!

Photo by Nicholas Roberts

Photo by Nicholas Roberts

 Natalie: So why do people want to travel with us?

Andrew: We bring people to places where we have local friends and contacts that bring us into places to make you feel like a local.  

Natalie: I’d add that it’s fun, hassle free, comes with a personal translator, and it feels like you're traveling with friends showing you around.